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Nuts. . .we’ve gone complete (coco)nuts.

Between the heat wave we’ve been experiencing in Orange County and the loads of photoshoots we’ve been doing, we have officially gone nutty. You know this if you follow us on instagram and watch our stories. Specifically our couple minute story we posted on Thursday about girls being mean. We have basically had it up to HERE **imagine us raising our hands above our heads like a very angry mom** with girls being mean. . .it’s making us nutty.

Seriously though, we need to stop judging each other so harshly, especially when we don’t know each other or the struggles people face every day.  It has come to our attention that some people may be judging us purely based on our images and what they imagine we are like in real life. We can’t prove anything to you by writing out words or posting goofy videos but one thing we can do is try to stop the vicious cycle of judgement that we as females sometimes find ourselves projecting on to people.

It’s not cool. End of story.

It’s not cool to judge people that you don’t know and make up rumors or preconceived ideas. Have you ever heard a rumor about yourself that was simply not the truth? Or heard about someone thinking you’re something that you’re not, simply because they don’t know you? Well, we are all guilty of this in some way. . .we’ve all been on both sides and it doesn’t make you feel good either way! It hurts, even when we say it doesn’t.

It’s time to start motivating and encouraging one another.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet us (we’re sorry you’ve missed out on our dad jokes in person), we hope you know that we are doing this thing, the blog, to help uplift girls and encourage everyone to be the best they can possibly be. We are goofy, unorganized, usually a few minutes late to wherever we’re going, coconuts, and constant wannabe spice girls. We are just like you and your best girl friends who scream sing in the car and almost pee our pants from laughing at the dumbest inside jokes.

We’re trying to find our place in this amazing and beautiful life and we want to always be true to who we are.

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Photos by :: Sydney Noelle

Styling by :: Birds

Write-up by :: Bree


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