Shark Beach || Feat. Molly Brown’s Swim

 If we could narrow down a few of our favorite things in a perfect day, with a surfboard on top, these photos capture the essence of that . . . minus the Shark Beach. However in life, aren’t we all just swimming about in our own shark infested waters? We all feel like little fishes, while social media allows us to see every single move that the “big sharks” tend to make. We follow these sharks every day of our lives, but honestly know nothing about them really. We only know what they want us to know. It’s a weird metaphor we know, but try and stick with us.

This is a topic that Bree and I find ourselves constantly circling back to . . . people (the sharks with the thousands, or millions of followers) are SO different on social media compared to how they are in real life. How people portray themselves on their Instagram pages might be totally different than how they are in real day-to-day life. That goes for their personalities, and the way they look.

Girls, and boys for that matter, have to stop comparing themselves to people on their screens every single day because most of the time, the girls that they’re comparing themselves to are just as or even more insecure, and don’t even look the same in person! We’re supposed to celebrate every type of body style, and we wish everyone would embrace that! Bree and I both are not “small” by nature girls. We don’t have long limbs, we’re not stick thin, and we don’t and honestly can’t just eat leaves. We’re average, but we’re MORE than okay with that. We LOVE our food. Oh my word do we love food, and good good food, but we work our butts off to stay fit, and to stay healthy for our own well being.

 I want to be honest with all of you. Something that gives me anxiety (I’m being dramatic because it’s not full blown anxiety) is when Bree, or myself get recognized in person. It’s not often, but it has happened a time or two. When it does happen we both usually look like homeless people (especially when they come to a Bounce class) . . . no make up, hair up, sweats, Freeze in hand (per usual) . . . you get the picture. One of the first things that runs through my mind is, “I hope I look the same as I do on social media, and I hope our hearts shine through”. That might sound weird, and everyone will always look different in photos than they do in person, and even people’s personalities get skewed on social media, but I don’t want to come across as something that I’m not! Bree and myself will not always have our hair done, we wont always have make-up on covering our pimples, posing using our “good angles”, and we wont always be in bikinis trying to flex!!

Being authentic is always our NUMBER 1 priority. We’ve actually been super grateful for Instagram Stories because it has allowed us to show you birdies the real us. Not always put together, a hot mess, absolutely nuts, and regular 20-something year olds trying to figure this all out! Don’t be fooled by the influencers with the bajillion followers coming across like they have it all figured out . . . they don’t.

Know who you are investing so much time into, every day, by clicking on that little Instagram icon. Understand who you “look up to”. Are you following someone because you love the way they look, or are you following someone because you love their hearts? Should these be the people that are molding and shaping the way you dress, act, and live your life?

It’s time to celebrate who Y O U truly are. Not who Kylie Jenner is, not who Alexis Ren is, and not who Gigi Hadid is . . . who you are. Embrace and empower your best physical and mental self! No one else can be you, and that is your superpower. Run with it babes. Shop our Bikini’s //


Shark One Piece Bikini :: Boys and Arrows at Molly Brown’s Swim 


Red Sonia Top :: Boys and Arrows at Molly Brown’s Swim

Agave Bottoms :: Boys and Arrows at Molly Brown’s Swim


Super Star Necklaces :: Gorjana 

Pineapple Towels :: Chaser Brand stay salty, birdies!

Photography by :: Arika Jean

Styling by :: Birds

Write-up by :: Makenzie

Tent Maker & Board Supplier :: Brock Eissman (You’re the best!!)

Bronco Supplier :: Cale Forman (Thank you!!)

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