Commitment || feat. O’Neill

Commitment. One word, one big idea . . . that no one wants anything to do with.

Why is that? Are you experiencing this too? I’m not jus talking about dating, I’m talking about EVERYTHING. Life takes commitment, hard work, and life is about taking risks. Screaming “ALL IN!” even when you don’t know what to expect. Falling face first over, and over, and over again, and dusting your self off after having a good cry. I’m all about a good cry. Gimme ALLL the emotions.

. . . but seriously I just finished crying watching a One Tree Hill episode. It happens.

Okay, so this is my take away from it all. Are you ready? I hope it offends you. LOL. I’m kidding, just checking that you’re still with me.

I think people are scared. They’re scared of what could actually come of a commitment, and they’re scared of “missing out” on something better if they were to commit. What about that career you’ve been constantly dreaming about? What about that boy/girl you simply can’t stop thinking about!? No seriously, it’s like this annoying tick in your brain that goes off every 10 seconds. Opportunity is knockin’ folks!

But you say, “I don’t need that career . . . my job is fine. I make a good living, and it’s comfortable”. OR, “Pfft, who needs a girlfriend? What is a relationship really? I’m not ready. I need to live. Meet you at the bar at 12PM? K cool. I’m fine.”

Fine . . . fine . . . FINE!!? That’s how you want to live your life?! Your one life on this dreadful Earth and you just wanna be, meh fine? Brace yourselves, a movie quote is coming from one of my faves with Marky Mark in The Italian Job. “You know what ‘fine’ stands for, right? Freaked out. Insecure. Neurotic. Emotional.”.

Nope. No. No thank you. Not me. Fine just wont do.

I want reach-for-the-stars! I want over the fence, World Series kinda stuff. (you’re my new best friend if you know where I took part of that quote from. Hint :: it’s a movie, and my favorite twins on the planet are in it). I want days when I’m exhausted because I was out all day hustling, living my dream, and loving every minute of it because I;m committed. I even want nights when I’m crying over another boy who doesn’t want to commit. Nights when I want to give up, and nights when I can take on zee world! **evil laugh**

Point being, it takes commitment to actually feel things in this life. It takes commitment to something, or someone to learn, and grow. Somewhere along this crazy ride we have simply forgotten what commitment looks like. We’re so flighty about everything; never having enough time to commit. Oh you’re just SOOO BUSY! WHAT IS THAT!?? Shut up with all your excuses, and just do the damn thing.

Sometimes having just a bit of faith in yourself can go a long way. Sometimes, but only sometimes you need to risk it all. Life’s too short, and happiness is too rare.

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Write-up by :: Makenzie


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