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Howdy, I hope you have had an amazing week so far and are entering the weekend with the best attitude possible! It has been quite the month for us already! We have been working a ton on the blog and at our other jobs, yes we have an entire other life aside from the blog. If you did not know, I work in the fashion industry in Down Town Los Angeles. . .the drive is loco, I know! Makenzie is a fitness instructor in Orange County and a fit model on the side.

Sometimes it is hard to look at our shared calendar (Yes, shared calendar. As in we are basically a couple at this point. I know when Makenzie is getting her hair done and she knows when I am at the dentist) and see how few days we have that are “open.” At first, our initial reaction is to freak out that we have no rest days, but in all honesty I thrive when my calendar is booked and I am a busy bee, or rather busy bird.

If you were to ask my friends about my “bad” qualities, I can guarantee that they would say something along the lines of, “Bree always over books or double books her self for things” and something like, “she’s really bad at texting, like she replies 1,000 days later.” True. It is all true. I have the yes problem. . .I say yes to just about every event, dinner, birthday party and anything else you can add on my calendar. I WANT TO BE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!

I did not realize how bad my yes problem was until Brock and I were only really seeing each other at events and scheduled dinners with all of our friends (who we love endlessly), but this is no way to live! I was not living off the books, everything was scheduled in my professional life, blog life and friend life. Brock is the king of living off the books, so we really do not see eye to eye in this area.

This is something Brock and I have to work on, more like Brock needs to remind me to save some “me and us” time in my calendar. I love being busy, but I also need to learn to love the quiet unscheduled days that fuel my gypsy soul. If you are like me, lets try and make a pact of living off the books.

I’m going to live my life in the words of the great Shania Twain, Man! I Feel Like A Woman. I need to have a little fun, be totally crazy.

“Get a little outta line
I ain’t gonna act politically correct
I only wanna have a good time

The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun”

Okay, my good time starts now. . .Sunday is open and I’m not scheduling a dang thing. Gettin’ real crazy here haha

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Photography by :: Arika Jean

Styling by :: Bree

Write-up by :: Bree


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