All That Sparkles and Shines || feat. Luna Tide

Stuff, stuff, stuff. All we want is stuff, and more stuff. The sparkle, the shine, it pulls us in. As soon as we achieve getting one sparkle, we’re already onto the next shine, not even taking the time to enjoy the sparkle . . . but let’s get down to the fact that we think we need stuff to be better? To be complete?

You know my car runs great, it gets me from point A to point B, but I would love this upgraded version so much better, and think of what others would think of me! Yeah, but if I show up in this horrendously overpriced basic sweatshirt made by Gucci they’ll take me seriously. If I just get these lip fillers I’ll love myself more.

Maybe you think all of those examples were dramatic, and you’re laughing at them, well so am I, but only because they are REAL. People have taken materialism to an all new and extreme high these days. Do you see it around you? I am constantly surrounded by big names in the entertainment industry, and that’s not to brag, that’s just a fact. People who have everything that any one human being would dream of . . . and they are so lost. Chasing after what they think will make them feel whole, but really are just digging a deeper hole within themselves. It breaks my heart. Truly it does. It isn’t until you’re in the presence of people who “have it all” that you realize, they have nothing at all.

Now does money make life run a bit smoother, well of course I’m not saying it doesn’t, but it’s not our sole purpose. Your sole purpose is not to gallivant around in an overpriced Gucci sweatshirt, and your sole purpose is not to strive to make heaps of money.

Your sole purpose should be to be happy. I know, I know it sounds so “kiddish” if you will, but what’s wrong with just being happy? Happy with what you have when so many have so little? To find something you LOVE doing and make a living doing it. If that brings in buckets of money, so be it. To find someone who can be your best friend and soul mate, and build a solid foundation of life with that person . . . happiness.

We get so wrapped up in money and careers that we tend to forget about relationships, and that there should be a balance with it all. Is it easy, no, but who told you life was ever going to be easy? Ha. My Mum and Dad used to say that to me all the time and then I would roll my eyes, but it’s a beautiful thing, this whole growing up thing we’re all doing. You learn so much and I’m still learning, and being able to share my growth with all of you has been one of lifes biggest blessings.

So just remember . . . all that sparkles and shines isn’t always what it’s all cracked up to be.
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Photography by :: Arika Jean

Sponsored by :: Luna Tide

Styled by :: Makenzie

Write-up by :: Makenzie

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