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A word that you simply can’t get through one day without hearing. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is a blogger these days? Food blog, fashion blog, health blog, everybody’s got a blog, and everybody’s got something to say. It’s the “everybody” part I’m struggling with because now that “everybody” has a blog we (Bree and myself) are looked at differently sometimes. . .keyword, sometimes. Most of the time people think it’s really rad and they just start firing off questions left and right. Other times you say “I have a blog with my best friend” and I can immediately FEEEL people rolling their eyes, and it’s these times that really grind my gears.

I don’t know if you guys are aware, so I figured I would fill you in. Come close. . .closer. . .little bit closer. . .ok. . .blogging is freakin’ hard work. If it’s a hobby, it’s fabulous, but when you’re trying to work toward something, like building a business, phew it’s tiring, and I think that’s the problem. Since it’s becoming an oversaturated field, people aren’t seeing the value in it. How much time and effort it takes to plan a shoot, style a shoot, choose photos, edit photos, import photos, find all the links to the pieces of clothing we’re wearing in the photos so you guys can have them as well, and then last but not least try and come up with something to talk about. I think every single time I sit down to write a new blog I’m like, “now what?”, and Bree can expect a text from me saying, “what should I write about”.

My point being, blogging is freakin’ RAD, and it’s probably been one of the biggest blessings and surprises in my life, or should I say OUR lives so far. Other than being able to have our own creative space with styling, and photoshoots, we also have our own space to speak our truths. This brings me to another word, influencer. It’s kind of like the new word instead of “blogger”. When you think about it, that’s a heavy word that holds a lot of responsibility, but we use it so loosely. Someone who is influencing your everyday life through a screen. Who are the “influencers” that you’re following? What do they stand for? Do you know what they stand for. . .or are they just a pretty face posing half naked every other day cause they’ve got a bangin’ bod?

Be influenced by people who have purpose, people who bring meaning to your feed. Are those influencers Bree and myself. . .maybe, maybe not? I can tell you that we STRIVE to be that for our followers; for YOU reading this. Promoting positive body image, promoting being in love with life through both the good and bad, and yeah, sometimes even promoting our faith because let’s face it, personally we would be nowhere without it.

So the next time you’re having a conversation with a new human and they mention that they are “a blogger” or “have a blog” . . . you’ll probably just think of this blog post 😉 SHOP ‘EM


Makenzie’s Look

grey oversized tee :: Show Me Your MuMu

crushed velvet bells :: Show Me Your MuMu

neck scarf :: Nordstrom

Bree’s Look

sequin star romper :: Show Me Your MuMu

black fringe leather jacket :: BlankNYC 

black lieutenant hat :: Free People

boots :: BASKE

// stay golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photos by :: Arika Jean

Styling by :: Birds

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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