‘Tis The Season For Thanks

Tis’ the season to sit back and reflect on all the good in your life. There will always be parts that are dark, but there will ALWAYS be light. Sometimes when you are walking in the midst of your trials, you know, like those times where you think Sam from Cinderella Story who lived with her evil botox’d out stepmom and stepsisters may have actually had it made compared to what you’re going through. Whatever your trials may be, take this season to think about the things you are thankful. It can be as simple as, “I’m thankful that I woke up today,” or “I’m thankful for the inventor of pizza. . .” praise the Lord for the inventor of pizza. Amen? Amen!

We have both decided to dedicate this post to some of the things we are thankful for as we prepare for Thanksgiving with our crazy (and fun, but mostly crazy) families.

Bree’s Thankful List ::

-I am first and foremost thankful that I am able to freely practice my love for Jesus publicly during a time that seems so dark for some people around the world. I am so thankful to know that all of my hope comes from Him and that at the end of all my days all I have is my faith and my family and that makes me feel so filled with joy and thankfulness.

-I am thankful for my amazing family and NEW family that I will be marrying into next year!! Bring on the big family holidays (we’ll be having our first combined thanksgiving this year!)

-I am thankful for the amazing man that I have the honor to call my fiancé, Brock. He pours so much into my life and literally shows me every day what it is like to be loved so deeply by someone who is not blood family. I have never known a love like this outside of my family until I met him.

-I am thankful for my friends who motivate me (Makenzie pushing me to work out haha) and remind me how great it is to have a group of girl friends to go through life with.

-I am thankful for my health.

-I am thankful to have a space where I can be creative with my best friend and blog about anything and everything that we are passionate about!!

-I am thankful for YOU for wanting to join us on this wild journey and following along as we show you a peak into our lives!

Makenzie’s Thankful List ::

-I am beyond, over the moon thankful for my faith, and relationship with Jesus. Without it I would be lost in this darkness. Without it I don’t know where I would be in my life, and could only imagine myself being consumed with loneliness. He gives me something to hold on to, a hope. He allows me to lean not on my own understanding, but on His, and I am forever thankful for this alone.

-I am thankful for my family. The whole lot. My loud, obnoxious, overly-loving, strong, independent, charismatic family that would probably scare the average family any day of the week.

-I am thankful for fitness, and for my health. That I can wake up every day and move my body, and that I can count on my body to support me through my work of teaching fitness.

-I am thankful for my best girlfriends. There’s 6 of you out there, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Each one brings something different to my life. A joy, and a splendor that nothing compares to. They’re my own personal therapists, and for the past 5 years have each been my 6 humans to count on NO MATTER WHAT.

-Okay . . . this is going to sound weird, but I am super thankful for my extremely poor taste in dudes these past few years *pause for laughter*. . . stay with me now. I always kind of applauded myself for having great, healthy relationships, and impeccable taste in well-rounded dudes. HA! That’s when God struck me down and said, “be humble, sit down” and man oh man did He let the circus run wild. Cue Kevin Hart screaming, “SHE WASN’T READYYYY!”. However, thank God (literally) that I went, and probably still am running down the list of horrendous humans (no offense if one of you is reading this) because I have learned HEAPS, and heaps doesn’t even begin to cover it.

-I am thankful for this crazy idea that Bree and I came up with 3 years ago, sitting on the beach, eating fish tacos . . . the blog; Two Little Birds Wander West. Our own creative outlet to whatever we believe in. With that I am so thankful (combining two into one) for Bree! My bb bird, my other half, my twin, my everything these days. It truly is such a blessing to be able to work with your best friend day in, and day out.

-Lastly, since Bree already thanked all of you beautiful humans, I am thankful for every brand that has taken a chance on us, and has believed in our vision for Two Little Birds’ collaborations. Trusting us with your pieces, and companies, letting us freely style the way we want and just run with it. I hope a lot of you are reading this because we are SO THANKFUL FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving birdies!

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stay golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Arika Jean

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Write-up by :: Both Birds


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