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The time is here, it is officially CHRISTMAS WEEKEND! As all the family begins to arrive in to town do not forget to stop and breathe, lots and lots of deep breathing. In all the chaos of presents, family and cooking festive yummy food. . .we cannot forget the true reason of why we gather around the sparkly tree each year.

Baby Jesus.

It is the most epic way to celebrate a birthday. . .around the world with festive lights and special music that all, in the end, is celebrating the birth of the most righteous little baby who would one day deliver absolute peace!!

There are so many traditions that pair with the holiday season, especially on Christmas. Traditions are so comfortable and have several years of memories attached. For my family, it is a tradition to get our pajamas from our grandma on Christmas Eve after church and wear them to bed as we wait for “Santa,” aka my mom who still writes presents from Santa, to deliver a few goodies under the tree. The following morning, my not so little brother and I wake up and open up the pretty wrapped presents next to the manger. The tunes are usually blaring while my dad makes the coffee and french toast with extra extra syrup (just like the elves like it). Every year, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, my family hosts Christmas. Our home is filled with so much love from our family members while we stuff our faces and praise God for our family and the fact that we are able to freely rejoice on Christmas day. I love learning about other family traditions and how different they are from ours. It’s so special to have traditions of any kind because it is something that is passed down for hopefully ever!

What a blessing it is to be able to celebrate such an amazing holiday (birthday) with the people who mean the most. Whether you are celebrating with family or your close friends this year, Makenzie and I hope that you feel so much love and peace!

We are, as always, very thankful for each and every one of you and we wish you the most magical Christmas!! Enjoy every second of this incredible holiday because we have to wait an entire year again until we can start singing the carols and decorating. . .

who are we kidding. . .Christmas in July is sooo happening next year. 

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Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Arika Jean

Styled by :: the Birds

Write-up by :: Bree


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