Accutane :: Our Skin Story

Accutane Our Skin Story

A long overdue video of our personal skin journeys, and our day-to-day skin care routines. This wasn’t something we were technically “hiding” from you guys, but it is something that we had to come to terms with personally, and be in a place where we were OK with talking about it openly. We get it, to some Accutane is not that big of a deal, but to us it was and is a HUGE deal, and it isn’t a decision we made lightly for our own bodies.

We hope you guys enjoy our EXTREMELY LONG video, and we hope that you can take away something from it if you are struggling with acne, and know that you’re not alone!


Below is EVERY link you need for all the products we chatted about in the video . . .

Flaxseed Oil

Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D

Vitamin E 


Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Serum

Acure Rosehip Oil

Dr. Roebuck’s Bondi Hydrating Mist 


Dr. Lancer Cleanser

Dr. Lancer Polish

Dr. Roebuck’s Personalized Serum

Dr. Roebuck’s PURE Moisturizer

Malaya Face Serum

Dr. Roebuck’s EYE Cream

Cocokind Turmeric Stick

Dr. Roebuck’s Coconut Hand Creme

Coola Primer

High Frequency Machine

stay golden

xx bree + makenzie


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