MARCH MADNESS || Haute Room “Pilates” + Sweaty Betty

Week two of MARCH MADNESS at The Haute Room in Tustin, CA.

As you know, this is our second year of doing March Madness, a different work out studio every week during March and our recaps go up the following Monday to give you the full scoop on the work out, studio and active wear we wore and loved . . .here’s the scoop on the Lagree “pilates” studio!

This week we switched it up from last weeks intense training to a core based muscle lengthening and strengthening work out, Lagree Fitness. Lagree is an extreme version of pilates on the Megaformer. Now that I really have to kick it in to gear and get in shape for my wedding coming up this fall, I have enjoyed bouncing around to different studios trying out what fits what I am looking for right now. I am usually a hot room yogi girl, but put me on the Megaformer and I’m happily sweating for the wedding.


What is it?

So, Lagree is not technically Pilates, it’s Lagree. Although there are similar moves in pilates due to the “reformer” it is actually a very different and intense work out.

Lagree is its own beast where you do slow and controlled movements on the Megaformer. There are a minimum of 4 counts, each count melts you into every position using your core and making sure that you’re getting into your slow twitch fiber muscles, aka the little muscles that wrap around the big ones, making you longer and lean.

DO NOT expect to be able to walk easily the following day because every single muscle (it seems) is getting a gnarly work out the entire span of the class and the next day is where you really feel the burn. We both live for the burn because it means “progress” and our class was not wasted. Expect to get to a shaky place in the middle of a lot of movements and poses on the Megaformer. . .the shake is good, it means change is coming to that muscle group!

Where is it?

The Haute Room is in Tustin, CA right off the 5 freeway and Jamboree. The location is super easy to get to if you are in the Orange, Tustin or Northern Irvine area!

There are also surprisingly a lot of Lagree studios around California (and the US), so if The Haute Room is not conveniently close to you, we suggest looking up local Lagree studios and trying out this work out for yourself!

We love The Haute Room because they are always updating the motivational mirror quotes and they really get us going. Even underneath each Megaformer, there are quotes to keep you pushing through. The ladies over at this studio really paid attention to every detail and we LOVE it!

Is it worth it?

100%. Yes. YES. Yes. This work out kicks everyones booty, even our friends who work out every single day and are in the best shape of their life. If you are looking for a work out routine that will give you true results and strong lean muscles, this is for YOU!

We have both taken well over 100 Lagree classes around Orange County and every time we leave a class we are so glad we pushed through it because it’s the most rewarding feeling going back on the Megaformer and getting stronger in every pose and adding on more resistance.

Try a free class, on us! Use code: Makenzie.

We highly suggest buying a starter pack and forcing yourself for the first week to go every day! No joke, during the week you will feel a HUGE difference.

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xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Kayla Gazsi

Write-up by :: Bree


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