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Week three of March Madness COMIN’ IN HOT at RA Yoga in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, CA.

**sing like Nelly**

It’s gettin’ hot in here, so probably take off your top, but leave your sports bra on. WOO! Flow it! Ha. Get it? Like feel it, but flow it cause yoga flow. Ha. Ha. Someone date me please.

As you well know because we’ve only said it about 10 different times, this is our 2nd year of March Madness. Yup count ’em, 1 . . . 2 years and counting! Except this year we are really honing in on our inner yogis. Let’s take into account that we are both equally psychos. We like to move, and have a good time CONSTANTLY, so getting us to sit still for 60 minutes, quiet our minds, and breathe can sometimes be a challenge. Then on top of it getting us to shut up, forget about it. BUT we easily managed for one straight week whilst taking classes at RA yoga. . .and lets be honest, we didn’t have to be super quiet. Everybody makes loud noises when they exhale, so that was enough for us.

Before we dive right into all you need to know about RA Yoga studios I would just like to point out that I (Makenzie here) am the Lagree girl, and Bree is the hot room yoga girl. However, Bree wrote the Lagree blog, and here I am writing the hot room blog. With that being said, you know you are getting the honest truth because we are in no way bias to the workouts we have been writing about.

Okay, continuing on . . . let’s do this!

What is it?

RA Yoga offers many different types of yoga! Yoga is not just a physical workout, but it’s also a workout of the mind. You will not only physically use your body to move, but will also be mentally working through your class as well.

I LOVE RA because I was able to chill out and take a Vinyasa Flow class, and then also kick my bum into gear and take one of their RA Strength classes that incorporates weights, cardio bursts, and really pushes your physical and mental limits (which we all know is what I’m about) or their Yogalates class (pilates and yoga in a hot room). It was also super rewarding, and almost felt like I was giving my body some extra lovin’ when I slowed everything down, breathed deeper into my poses, and really felt my body relax and stretch into each movement.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to know that RA Yoga classes are always in a hot room. Some are hotter than others, and we highly recommend to go on their website and see the temperatures of each. Some people hate hot classes, but Bree and I are not those people. The sweatier, the hotter, and the hardest the better. We love a good challenge!

With all this being said, MAKE SURE YOU ARE HYDRATED before class. It’s important to drink heaps of water throughout your day regardless, but if you know you will be taking a hot yoga class later that day, or even early in the morning, make sure you ready your body. It’s totally normal for your first class to maybe get a wee light headed. Take your childs pose, and hop back into the practice when you feel good and ready. The instructor will tell you this as well.

It’s always good to keep in mind that this is YOUR workout, your practice. Not the person a foot away from you, or the one across the room. Yours, and only yours. You’re not their to impress anyone by showing off your handstand, or holding dancer pose one minute longer than your neighbor. When you start working out for yourself, you’ll see a drastic change in your practice.

Where is it?

RA Yoga has 3 studios in the Orange County area, with one in the works! Both are beyond cute, both are equipped with showers, lockers, water stations, and a retail store, and both have friendly workers and instructors every time you walk through those doors. We spent most of our time at the new location in Newport Beach, but definitely took a few classes over at the Costa Mesa studio as well. The photos were taken in their Newport Beach studio.

Side note, both Newport and Costa Mesa studios are within walking distance of yummy smoothies, coffees, matcha lattes, etc. for a little pick me up before or after class!

See below for all addresses . . .

Costa Mesa

3077 Bristol St, Suite A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Newport Beach

1617 Westcliff Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

RA University (Irvine)

18242 W McDurmott Suite A
Irvine, CA 92614 Is it worth it?

Yes! Personally it’s one of those things where I would love to incorporate this with all my other routines as well. Like I said above, it gives my body a chance to breathe and reset after literally killing it with everything else I do on the regular. I also LOVE TO SWEAT. Being able to just drip sweat, whether it be getting rid of toxins, or water weight, it just feels so dang good.

If you’re just a straight yogi, and you’re not interested in all the weighted workouts RA is still the place for you. If you want that extra push, it’s still the place for you. The versatility of the studios is what I love most.

I will say just ONE thing that bothers me about hot yoga . . . they fill up the class a little too much. I’m aware you do not need heaps of space to flow, but it just gets a bit claustrophobic during class when it’s a packed class. Now that’s when I can’t breathe. I only say this to A. be aware of your surroundings, and B. get to class early to get a good spot! Nama-slay in our yogi looks


Bree & I both are wearing everything sold in-store at the RA yoga studios (Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach)

Tops + Sports Bras :: RA Yoga

Leggings :: ALO

// Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Arika Jean

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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