MARCH MADNESS || BoxHaus + lululemon

FINAL WEEK of March Madness is hitting you right between the eyes at BoxHaus in Newport Beach, CA.

One to the face! Two to the body!! Right hook, left uppercut, boom, boom, POW! **runs up the stairs, pumps both fists in the air, and Rocky Balboa’s the chet out of this moment**

This past week we put our bodies through the ringer, physically and mentally. Instead of taking our anger out by screaming into a pillow, we took it out on a bag. A boxing bag. Poor little bag never even stood a chance to all our bundled up balls of energy/stress/frustration/the list goes on, and on of all the feelings.

We’re tying March Madness all up and finishing it off with a pretty bow at BoxHaus OC. We could just say the work out is legitness and be done with it. Nothing more, and nothing less because honestly you just need to go. Get off your bum and go! But that wouldn’t be fair because you need to know all the ins and outs before getting off your bum. So sit, sit, sit back down and do a little light reading before your heart rate sky rockets, and you can’t move your arms or your body from the waist up. Ha. Ha. We’re not kidding. What Is It?

It’s you, gloves, and a bag. A rather big bag might we add. BoxHaus OC is an experience in an of itself. It’s a room lit solely by neon lights around one solid mirror in the back, and a huge neon sign up front reading “BOXHAUS”. At first working out in the dark seems kind of foreign, unless you’ve taken a spin class, but still with that you’re on a stationary bike so you can’t really topple over. However in this boxing class you have your space around the bag, and you can slightly move and maneuver around it. It’s not pitch black, but it’s just dark enough that you aren’t worrying about what your neighbor thinks of your form, or if you punch like a little sissy! Or if the hot guy directly behind you thinks your hot too (ha. First class, this was me (Makenzie), duh).

You have a warmup to get the blood flowin’, and from there you perform 7 different rounds of sequences. They are always different so you’re left on your toes, literally, keeping your brain moving as well as your body. In between the sequences you’re also performing sets of HIIT movements. This could be jump squats, regular squats, plank holds, push ups, the choice is the instructors. Also, in all the classes Bree and myself took, every class ended with abs. It acted as a pre cool down before the actual cool down (stretching).

The music is always bumpin (yes, I just said bumpin) and playlists vary depending on the instructor. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take from every instructor and only took from 2, Mary and Andre. Mary’s playlist was more top 40 hits, mixed in with 90s & 2000s Rock/Pop. Definitely was punching the bag once to “Bye Bye Bye” by *NSYNC. Andre was mainly Rap/Hip Hop based which Bree and I love!

Their boxing ring is trendy AF, and THEY HAVE KOMBUCHA ON TAP. Literally it’s like it comes from the ground and all is right in the world.

Ok last thing. After every class there is an ice cold eucalyptus infused towel waiting for you. **drop the mic** Where is it?

One, and only one BoxHaus location exists right now. See what we did there . . . ‘right now’ . . . mhm, gonna leave that right there.

If you are in the Newport Beach area, or want to drive to Newport to get a kickass workout here’s the address . . .

1342 Bison Ave

Newport Beach, CA 92660 Is it worth it?

Yes, Yes, 1,000 x 1,000,000,000,000 x YES. Let’s face it, this is what you guys really want to know . . . you can burn up to 1,000 calories in one class. Get that Fitbit charged and at the ready because you’re gonna need it.

It’s fun, it’s high energy, you feel like a badass, and you get to take your anger out on a bag instead of a human being. It’s kind of a win win. It’s funny, sometimes the bag somehow morphs into the most recent guy who’s broken my heart. Ha. Weird, I know, but super helpful, ja’feel?get our boxing looks



sports bra :: lululemon

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relaxed fit muscle tank :: lululemon

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black Align pant :: lululemon

// & that’s a WRAP, wrap, wrap, wrap, wra-wrap, wrap, wrap, wra-wrap! EVERYBODAY!! In the words of Kristen Cavallari, another year of March Madness is completely dunzo! We have completely fallen in love with each and every workout this year, and have come to a conclusion that there is just not enough hours in the day/week to be able to do them all, and this is simply not ok with us.

If you missed out on any of the other studios, check them out below!




Be kind to your body birdies. Treat it with respect! Feed it good wholesome meals when it’s hungry, and move with it at least 3-4 times a week. We were designed to move, so get out there and MOVE. Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Sponsored by :: lululemon Mission Viejo + BoxHaus OC

Photography by :: Arika Jean

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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