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While you’re all traveling off to the desert for weekend two of Coachella, sit back, and let us tell you a little bit about our weekend one adventure.

I don’t even know where to start.

Maybe the fact that the Olsen Twins are LIFE, and their movie “Getting There” on VHS was on repeat every single time I went to Newport Beach to visit my Nana and Papa. Maybe the fact that the Olsen Twins drove a vintage red convertible mustang when they turned 16 in the movie “Getting There”, so I NEEDED to drive a vintage red convertible mustang at some point (being realistic). Or maybe it’s the fact that Bree and I have been wanting to do a shoot like this for forever, but the timing was never right . . . until now.

We knew we weren’t going to go to the actual festival, but we were going to visit our Beach Riot babes at their Sport Riot event (more on the event in the next blog post). So me, hi *raises hand* with all my spare time came up with probably one of my best ideas for this blog to date. We should rent a mustang for the weekend, drive it to Palm Springs for the event, and take our beautiful photog Sydney along with us to shoot! Kill two birds with one stone. BOOM, and oh my goodness did we KILL IT.

I can’t even begin to tell you what it felt like to put those keys in the ignition and drive down PCH with the top down. Liberating . . . like my destiny was being fulfilled. Yes, a car did all of this. And OH MY GOSH, if I actually owned the car, wooo-wee, my singleness would stop over night. The looks I got in this car was like a hot guy walking a brand new puppy. How’s that for a simile? And then you put not one, but TWO babes in a vintage convertible . . . the world is yours for the taking my friends.

We drove all the way to Palm Springs, and all the way home with the top down. Mainly because we were taking full advantage of driving a convertible, and I also couldn’t remember how to put the top up. Oops.

**pulls up in convertible**

So please enjoy our windblown looks, and shop the perfect up-and-coming summer pieces all from Beach Riot.

**hits the gas & disappears in a cloud of dust**

END SCENE. shop our sunny looks



outfit 1

bikini tie top :: Beach Riot (print available NEXT WEEK)

high waisted denim :: Elle A.

classic high-top sneakers :: Vans

outfit 2

dress :: Beach Riot

mustard high-top sneakers :: Vans


outfit 1

strappy bikini top :: Beach Riot

high waisted denim shorts :: Elle A.

sparkle sneakers :: Free People

outfit 2

bra + dress set :: Beach Riot

hat :: Peter Grimm

white sneakers :: Nordstrom


Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Sponsored by :: Beach Riot

Photography by :: Sydney Noelle

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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