Remember that one time I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted a guide to Tulum blog, and 100% of you said yes, and then I’m just now writing it one month later? Ha. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing . . . right?

Regardless, it’s all happening NOW! So strap in and get ready to know some of the must places you need to go to during your visit to Tulum. Im giving you everything from where I stayed, basically everywhere I ate (most important), and some activities too (because just cause you’re on vacay doesn’t mean you can’t get a little physical!).

Let’s all remember peeps, Mexico is always a good idea.

This was actually my second time going to Tulum. My first time (ha, I remember my first time) was with my family when I went to Playa Del Carmen, and we took a day trip to spend in Tulum. WORTH IT, and so much fun! I highly recommend doing this if you are staying in Playa Del Carmen, or somewhere that is not particularly close to Tulum, but maybe a bus drive away. If you wanted to know about my first time head over to THIS BLOG for everywhere in Tulum, and Playa Del Carmen I went the first time around.

So really, this is Tulum part dos! Olay!  Where we stayed //

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at the Azulik Resort for 4 nights, and 5 days. If Tarzan was bougee AF, he would be living at the Azulik Resort. I’m going to give a very honest review of this place, but please don’t let that take away from the fact of still feeling super blessed to be able to experience it! It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

The rooms // The views from the rooms, if you are in a room right on the rocks/ocean, are incredible. Every morning you get to watch a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, and a colorful sunset. They have (or the one I was in) outdoor decks, some with daybeds and baths (yes you can take a bath on your deck, at sunset, with a glass of wine . . . sounds terrible right?), or some had mini pools with swings above them. Downfall, there is absolutely zero electricity in the rooms. When the sun goes down, that’s it, you don’t have any proper lighting to do your hair or makeup, and there is only one electrical socket in the entire room. The only lighting you have after dark is when the staff comes around and lights all of the candles surrounding your entire room. Upside, the candles are beautiful and super romantic if you are there with a significant other. The lack of lighting also allowed us to not care about getting dressed to the nines. We embraced our natural beauty! Honestly, I wore makeup once the entire trip, and barely touched my hair. My stylist was God’s great ocean; salt water. There is also no blinds to shield the sun when it rises in the morning. This is something we didn’t mind because the sun was awake, so we were awake! Last thing, the room service is super janky. It’s incredible, and hilarious because you literally write your order down on a piece of paper, roll it up, shove it inside a little ball, and send the ball down these pipes that are supposed to get to the kitchen. However, both times we tried doing so our ball got stuck, and we never received our food. Hence the janky part, and not super happy campers when you become hangry for brekkie. But there were some beautiful moments every morning watching that sunrise.  The staff //

EXTREMELY helpful. EXTREMELY sweet. Seriously they absolutely warmed our hearts with everything and anything we did.

The spa //

Holy spa **wide-eyed emoji**. You wanna go to the spa. I think even if you don’t stay at Azulik you want to take advantage of that spa, we did that’s for sure. This is where the yoga dome resides, and where we took our own private yoga session with the sweetest yogi in all the land. Her name was Dees, and you can find her on Instagram here. Our yoga session was lighthearted and exactly what we needed to stretch out all that Mexican food. On the last day we also experienced clay meditation on the beach. It was my first time ever meditating, and I kind of killed it . . . kind of. It’s really freakin’ hard to shut your mind up if you didn’t know! Lastly, we got massages on the tables that were outside, overlooking the ocean. A massage with the background music being the waves, say no more. I told you, we took full advantage of this spa.  The beach //

They have their own private beach, which we loved! We had to walk all about 200 hundred feet to get to the sand and ocean. They also provide a full service bar, and food (duh) whilst you enjoy the sunshine.  Azulik Restaurants //

Cenote :: This is where we had our brekkie almost every morning! Their coconut yogurt bowls are INSANE. You create them yourself with whatever toppings you desire, but it’s that homemade coconut yogurt that steals the show. The smoothies are also delicious! We usually started our days off with a black coffee (side of almond milk), and three different juice shots. One for digestion, one for our liver, and one for strength. So Yum! Lastly, the omelette, yes, so much yes. There’s chorizo in it, but you can always get it without, but it is seriously delish.

Kin Toh :: The very first night we ate at the hotel’s restaurant. Another must if you are staying at the hotel. The tuna tacos . . . I’m drooling. Their lamb, ugh I love lamb. Cue Kate Hudson in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb. . .you can take it away before I gag”. Yes, I’ve seen that movie too many times, and can quote it backwards and forwards. Back to my point, great food, must try the tuna tacos, must have a cocktail, and you can also smoke hookah at the table. This was actually my first time ever taking a puff of anything, and I didn’t understand the hype, but it’s there if you want it! Where we ate //

Rosa Negra :: We came upon this place on request from our hotel. We had missed our reso for another restaurant we had planned on going to so decided on trying this place for our second night in Tulum. Little did we know that we should of steered clear. Unfortunately 2 out of the 4 of us got terrible food poisoning from here. For the entire trip thus far we had all shared everything. If a plate came out, we all took a bite, or at least 3 out of the 4 did. However, this one particular time 2 of the girls ordered a vegetarian empanada and ate that empanada whole. Myself and my friend Shayna did not eat any of the empanada, not one single bite. For the rest of the trip the poor girls were throwing up, and absolutely miserable. However, the other dishes we ordered were still delicious!

Arca :: This is where we were supposed to go instead of Rosa Negra, but missed the reso. We ended up going another night because we heard such rave reviews about this restaurant, and the reviews were right! It was beyond delicious, and unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what we ordered (everything meshes into one), but we ordered quite a few dishes off this menu, so it’s safe to say everything was good. The seating is also all outside, so be aware, and spray yourself so the mosquitos don’t eat you alive!

Riam :: Little shop off the side of the road that had gelato. Best gelato in Tulum (says Yelp), and I have to agree. You know I’m always down for ice cream, and theirs was incredibly delicious. I ate the whole thing, thank you very much.

Posada Margherita :: I LOVE THIS PLACE! This was the only place that I didn’t particularly love the dishes we ordered. They were pasta based, but we did have a bread platter that holy crap I think I turned into a garlic bread dipped in olive oil right then and there. However, to get to the restaurant you have to walk down a little path way, through the hotel and it’s like it’s own little town! The bar, and bathroom area are the cutest (reference photos), and we sat in a little nook that overlooked the beach, but gave us privacy. Oh! I ordered, or should I say 3 of us ordered a juice here, and you need to do the same if you go.  Bueno Estrella :: I talked about this vegan ice cream place in my first Mexico blog. Yup, it’s that good that I went back for seconds! He hand makes the ice cream right in front of you, and all the ingredients are clean. Shayna (my chef bestie) approved! Cenzontle :: This was probably my favorite place we ate at! Don’t get me wrong, everywhere I have named was delicious, but for some reason this place really hit the spot. Probably because we got dessert here, and dessert makes everything better. But I just remember having that exact thought after finishing dinner . . . “this is for sure my favorite”.

Matcha Mama :: I’m sure you’ve seen this on Instagram. All the bloggers go here because it’s the freakin cutest matcha/smoothie bowl shop eva. TAKE NOTE the address that is given on their Instagram is incorrect. It took us all the way out to the main road and the middle of nowhere. Ha. That was a fun bike ride . . . not. It’s all the way down the main Tulum road (with all the hotels) and it’s on the right hand side.  If you hit BE Tulum (the hotel) you’ve gone too far. Their matcha is delicious, their bulletproof coffee is a must, and both smoothie bowls we got were amaze.The Real Coconut :: Gluten, grain, and dairy free. AKA if for some God forsaken reason you decide to do Whole30 whilst vacationing in Tulum, your food prayers have been answered. We weren’t able to actually sit down and eat here, but we did order turmeric golden lattes and they warmed our hearts for the perfect breezy night. We also purchased a bag of these vegan cookies. Let’s just say, the bag was empty before our drinks were ready. How we got around //

Bikes :: Is there any other way to get around in Tulum? I mean other than cabs, but we preferred this kind of transportation. There’s heaps of places to rent from, and we rented from one right down the road from our hotel. Super affordable too! It was $20 or $25 bucks each to have the bike for a full 24 hours. I’m sure if you wanted them for a shorter period of time it would be less, but we had ours for 24 hours.A few phrases and words you should know before going to Mexico if you don’t speak Spanish //

Yes – Si

No – No

Thank you – Gracias

No thank you – no gracias (I love saying this one)

You’re welcome – De Nada

Excuse me – Pardon

Good morning – Buenos dias

Good afternoon – Buenos tardes

Good night – Buenos noches

How much does it cost? – cuanto cuesta (good to know for cabs)

Where is… – Donde esta?


Obviously there are heaps more, but these little phrases were what we used probably the most throughout our trip.

If you ever visit Tulum I hope you find magic whilst you’re there, and leave with full hearts, and a happy belly! Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Makenzie

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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