Sugarhigh Launch Party


Ok woah, got a little ahead of ourselves there. Let’s back up a bit.

What is Sugarhigh? Am I just talking about the absolute high, headache, and bellyache I got from the “pour some sugar on me” candy station at this glorious event . . . no. However, this did actually happen and I officially have a love/hate relationship with candy. Moving on.

Sugarhigh is a brand new clothing line for girls! A clothing line that is above the influence. A clothing line that aspires to inspire all girls, and doesn’t discriminate on size. ALL SIZES WELCOME! How sick is that? We are all wonderfully, and beautifully made differently, and Sugarhigh is a clothing line that celebrates and welcomes that with open arms.

Attending this event was such a dream. One because this girl gang hand selects each influencer they choose to work with. They want girls representing their brand that are true to themselves, and give off those good vibes through Instagram/Youtube/Blogging etc. It’s easy to spiral down and become someone you’re not, when you should be embracing who you are! Second because I was supporting my best bird!! Yes, Bree is one of the main chicky-babes that runs this fabulous new line, and no we are not just hyping it up because Bree works here. We’re hyping it up because IT DESERVES IT!

Where are you going to find good quality clothing for half the price? Where are you going to find denim that has a bit of stretch and forms to your body for $15!? Yeah, I’ll tell you where . . . Sugarhigh.

A little bit about the actual event because they absolutely killed it. . . the flower arrangements are from @joyofbloomflorals, the gorgeous center pieces (fans with succulents) were handmade by @house_of_sunshine, and the food was LIT. The launch party was held at Cafe Gratitude in Newport Beach California on a Monday afternoon, and oh . . . oh you wanna know what was on the menu? Mhmm. Nachos (bomb), roasted bbq cauliflower (bomb, bomb), guacamole (you already know), and buckwheat pancakes (I died) with a side of champagne to go with my already sugar high headache.

Support your local girl gang, shop Sugarhigh 🙂 The launch button above. Bree pressing the launch button below!  USE CODE :: Twolittlebirds10

& receive 10% off your order babes


Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Kayla Gazsi

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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