Take Time for Siestas

In today’s society, we are encouraged to work hard and not stop until you’ve “made it.” This is the definition, for some, of what success looks like. I am what you would call a workaholic. If there is something I am passionate about, I’ll work beyond the normal hours to make sure that that goal is being reached. I believe that there is beauty in being a workaholic, but there is also another side that is very unrestful and draining.

If you haven’t noticed, I have been a bit MIA the past few weeks and months; I have been launching a new clothing line with several sub divisions beneath it. If there is a new project available, I am the first to say “GIVE IT TO ME, I CAN DO IT!” I love taking on a million projects at one time, this is what fuels my passion. BUT, I have come to realize that I may have a bit of an addiction to my career and I have been forgetting one of the most important things. . .REST!

Working 15 hour days 7 days a week doesn’t bother me, because I know it is not a forever thing. I have a goal and I need to put in the time to get to it. I also know that my brain and body does not work really well if I do not stop and take mini breaks and siestas. Ever heard of a thing called “work life balance?” Yea? Well, I completely neglected the whole life part and just focused on the work part.

My favorite podcast, Entreleadership, had a guest speaker and he spoke on the importance of resting and taking breaks. So many days I am realizing I do not stop to take a proper lunch or 15 minute break. The 15 minute breaks are crucial for my brain to take a beat and go on vacation. According to this podcast and research, even having my phone on me during my 15 minute break and scrolling through social media or texting uses the same part of my brain as working, so technically the break never even happened.

I am starting to encourage the girls on my team, which then motivates me, to take real healthy breaks throughout the day. This past weekend was the first time in months that I haven’t had to work or attend some sort of event. I turned off the alarm clock and truly rested for 2 days! There were a lot of siestas and netflix binges, which was just what the Dr. ordered.

I highly recommend you to take a step back and look at your life, are you resting? Take a note from sleeping beauty and take a dang beat in between conquering the world!

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