Moment of Silence for Summer || feat. Sugarhigh

**screaming really loud in your face like Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire**


Oh my goodness gracious, how we have missed being on here and complaining about life. Just kidding, but wow we truly have missed you guys. We hope you birdies have been continuing to follow us on Instagram because even though we went m.i.a. from the blog, we have still been posting the goods there. We know it’s not as often as we used to, and we’re sorry for that (sad face). Life has flown away from us a bit, and with Bree getting married in literally a month (EEP!) things tend to get a little out of control.

But here we are! In the flesh . . . or I mean . . . well you get it . . . and what do you think we’ll be talking about? Yup, fashion, fitness and food, our three favorite F words. Our beautiful salt watered, sunshine, sunsets at 8PM season is coming to an end . . .

*moment of silence for summer*

. . . however, with that being said your “summer body” and “healthy eating habits” should NOT go straight out the window because you can wear baggy sweaters, hibernate for winter, and drink pumpkin spiced lattes. NONSENSE! Repeat after us, “I am NOT a basic betch”. Don’t make us come through this computer and get you.

Fitness and what you are putting, or in our case, inhaling into your body, should always be a number one priority in our book. Also if you’re engaged and you’re getting married in a month listen up because you best believe we are still sweating for this damn wedding. Can’t stop won’t stop. We hope by now you have found your LOVE for fitness and food, or have at least taken some giant leaps towards that love, and created a healthy relationship with both of those things. It’s amazing the things our bodies can do, so why not live up to your full potential, move, and kick ass whilst doing so? Also, why not look really freakin’ cute too? Just a thought because oOoo does it make you work just a little bit harder.

Buckle up buttercup because SUGARHIGH has officially launched their Fall active line and to say that the quality is out of this world, the cuteness level is at about a 100, and the price point is just dumb (in a good way) would be an understatement. The checkered leggings and shorts, are you kidding us right meow?! pop, lock, and shop it



Going the Distance Green Track Suit :: Sugarhigh

Going the Distance Red Track Suit :: Sugarhigh

Cool Down Grey Top :: Sugarhigh

Falling Star Yoga Pants :: Sugarhigh

High Hopes Active Shorts :: Sugarhigh

Twisted Tank :: Sugarhigh


Midnight Moon Top :: Sugarhigh

Spice Up Your Life Legging :: Sugarhigh

Good Vibes Black Sports Jacket :: Sugarhigh

Good Vibes Black Track Pant :: Sugarhigh

Wild Thang White Sports Bra :: Sugarhigh

Check Mate Leggings :: Sugarhigh

Cool Down Green Top :: Sugarhigh

// So get to it, put yo back into it because we’re not stopping this exquisite fitness lifestyle and neither should you! You know that stupid quote that says, “if you’re looking for a sign, this is it”, yeah . . . not so stupid anymore. Let’s do this together, sweat it out, and hold each other accountable. Literally DM us, we’re an open book. We love you guys forever! Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Kayla Gaszi

Styled by :: Birds

Write-up by :: Makenzie



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  2. kathryn wohlman
    September 4, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    YEAAAAAA bOIIIIIIIIIII! Blog is back. Still kept up with you birdies on insta!! Missed the blog! xoxo

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