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Howdy, Everyone!

Well this only took me a century to finally write. It took some time to get our pictures and video back and in all honesty I just wanted to keep them privately for Brock and I to admire and cry over as we relived our special day before releasing them to all of our friends, family and social friends. I have had a mix of emotions sharing everything from our wedding because our wedding was so sacred and special for us to share with our most cherished 200+ friends and family at the wedding that I felt somewhat, in a weird way, vulnerable sharing everything for any one and everyone to see. Our wedding was the only time in history that all of those people will be in the same place at the same time, that’s something heavy enough to make me teary eyed.

That’s the coolest part about a wedding, (at your past or future wedding) all of the people attending for the first and last time in history will all be together at the exact same time surrounded by (y)our favorite colors, palm trees and twinkle lights.

**wedding video is at the bottom**

The venue:

Brock and I chose to have our wedding in La Jolla, California, which is about a hour drive from where we live. Far enough for a staycation, close enough for friends and family to be able to make it down for the entire weekend. We loved La Jolla because it’s a small intimate beach town along the coast with a few good surf spots, amazing food, quaint hotels and the historic 1925 venue of our dreams. . .The Darlington House. The Moroccan and Spanish designs from the 20’s made this home a socialites dream in the early 1990’s and now it is an amazing NON-PROFIT venue that gives back to underprivileged seniors in the area. Between the amazing history, location and the fact that it gave back to its community, Brock and I were sold on the location to have a Friday afternoon end of summer wedding. We knew that we wanted to have a “wedding weekend” and having it on Friday allowed us to be able to keep the celebrations going all weekend long. We had a beach day on Saturday with all of our guests in front of our Air bnb beach house, bbq’d and watched the sunset go down from our porch aka the perfect Brock and Bree weekend.

Before I start, I want to tell you that the comparing will stop. right. here.

The wedding industry/experience has become such a competition between likes, most views, published, the biggest budget etc. Every love story is uniquely and perfectly different and your wedding should be too! Don’t get caught up in what you see on social media and the wedding must have trends. Seeing other peoples budgets and lavish weddings can totally mess with your head, it did to me and I had to shut it out in the beginning of planning. Focus on the love. Don’t obsess over anything other than making sure the day reflects the both of you and your love.

Getting Ready:

Alright, here we go. THE WEDDING DAY, or should I say morning.

I woke up before anyone else in the house, butterflies? Maybe. But I think God was telling me to get out of bed and go watch the sunrise over the ocean, spend some time with him and reflect on everything leading up to the most exciting day of my life so far. We rented 2 houses, 1 for the girls and 1 for the boys a few streets apart. While I was sitting on the porch watching the waves crash, Brock and all of the groomsmen were paddling out to Birdrock to surf for what would end up being the next 5 hours!!! (Side note, Brock came in from surfing about a hour before walking down the aisle). It was such a peaceful and relaxing morning. We all ate breakfast together, blasted Jack Johnson and one by one started to get our makeup done by Amy Clarke and her all star team. (Another side note, it was so amazing having Amy there because I have basically grown up with her doing my makeup and watching her sing at my hometown church before she became a red carpet makeup artist! She brought so much peace and joy to my morning. Knowing your makeup team really helps bring the nerves down so I recommend getting to know your artists!!) I was so glad I made the decision to bring my google home so we could have music the entire morning. Jack Johnson quickly turned in to Shania Twain which then turned in to Spice Girls. We were blasting Spice Girls in the beach house with all of my bridesmaids, the moms, all the grandmas and all the aunts. Dramatic pause. Then, we blew the circuit. Now this could have been a devastating thing because we hadn’t even started our hair yet and we couldn’t get the outlets to start working again. Luckily, I was laughing and we were all okay with having to go to Starbucks to curl our hair if we needed to but by the grace of God 5, sockets out of the entire house started working so we just used those! We got ready, were running super behind and had a champagne toast on the beach before we all drove a block to the venue. While we were driving to the venue, the boys managed to get Bird Scooters for every single groomsmen and rode their way into the wedding which caused PCH to completely stop, cars to honk and shakas thrown by drivers looking at 11 men riding scooters in Tuxedos. A sight I wish I could have seen in person!

a very serious photo of me eating yet another banana that of my sweet flower girls, Minna. my sweet, procrastinating husband finishing his vows in his tux and salty wet hair. The ceremony:

Brock and I’s first concert together was Ben Howard. Ben’s music is a huge part of our relationship so when we needed to choose a song for me to walk down the aisle to, we chose Old Pine, which brought me so much comfort as I started to walk down the long stretch to my soon to be husband. The guitar strings guided our steps while my mom and dad gave me away.

Brock didn’t cry. It was perfect. He couldn’t have smiled bigger.

His smile was so big and the joy bubbling out of him was unlike anything I have EVER SEEN! We decided to write our own personalized vows. Brock is amazing at writing so I was a bit nervous but kept reminding myself it wasn’t a competition, it was a statement proclaiming our love for one another. Our vows were exchanged and then we had Kesli and Kayla, Brocks “adopted” sisters who were Carley’s best friends growing up read a poem by Carley for us. The poem, Love Is, truly is the perfect poem defining what love is. Carley was a romantic through and through, a poet, an artist and an amazing sister who Brock and I believe brought us together 4 years ago. Carley needed to be a part of our ceremony just as much as we needed to say our vows. Carley was right there in the heart of our ceremony telling us what love is and why we need it. After the poem, we asked that our guests pray over us and write down on a “blessing card” their blessings for us as a couple that we can read in the future. The blessing cards were at each seat with a pencil, this was so special because it allowed us to have an intimate moment with our officiant, Brenton Fessler, who was our bible professor in college and had watched us blossom in to a couple. He took that time to pray over us while we took communion behind the altar. We said I do and then walked down the aisle to “You Sexy Thing” to really set the tone, Brock pointed finger guns to guests and we ran down the aisle.

Our ceremony was focused on prayer, love and worship. reading Carleys poem^blessing cards^

Cocktail Hour:

During cocktail hour we were running down the street to the beach and playing in the sand taking pictures while our guests enjoyed amazing appetizers (coconut crusted shrimp, goat cheese strawberry drizzled quesadillas and mini sized tacos) and an open bar to make sure everyone was ready for the party that was about to hit them. Our bar had our favorite drinks, a Mexican Mule topped with crushed flowers and a refreshing Paloma. . .

tequila tequila tequila.  

During our cocktail hour, we also had an ivy wall hanging with wedding pictures of everyone in our family on their wedding day which demonstrated the love that built us, the foundation we have and the legacy we will continue. This was so special to look at our great great grandparents in the 1880’s on their best day while we stood in the middle of our best day! History! It’s the coolest. We also had something else very special, my surprise for the Eissman family was a corner in the cocktail hour that we called “Carley’s Poetry Corner.” In this corner, we had the incredible Haiku Guys with their vintage typewriters writing customized haikus for every single guest as their favor. This was the coolest part of our wedding by far!Haiku Guys^

The Reception:   

The party got every type of funk that could possible happen on a white glossy dance floor surrounded by sparkling lights, yellow happy flowers and tacos, lots and lots of tacos! Our grand entrance song was Hot Blood by Kaleo –our second favorite artist that has a lot of sentimental value for our relationship. This song puts you front and center at a rock concert and set the tone perfectly for the night. Our entrance was accompanied by our first dance to Only Love by Ben Howard, the father daughter dance to Brown Eyed Girl AND Bad to The Bone and closing with the mother son dance to Forever Young by Bob Dylan. Both of our moms prayed over the entire party before we ate, our speeches from our families left us teary eyed but feeling so loved and the tequila gave us the boost we needed to get on the dance floor and spend the rest of the night groovin’ to our favorite funk songs and the occasional PIMP 50 cent song while taking off my garter. We danced until the very last call and then continued the party at a local bar in San Diego with nearly the entire wedding! The entire day was perfect for us, it was everything we had ever dreamt.praying over the tacos & enchiladas^groomsmen gone WILD, look closely^^Marriage, now what?

Well, we’ve been married for 6 months this month! Crazy!!! It is so amazing getting to know one another every day and finding out new things about each other. . .like Brock not knowing that having three ply toilet paper is NOT an option. Or like Brock finding out that I hate doing dishes more than anything on planet earth, so sky high the dishes pile until one of us can’t take it anymore –usually Brock. I would be lying if I said I was fine after the wedding. I cried for days! Anything about the wedding would make me just cry! Happy tears and sad tears. So happy that it was everything I had hoped but sad tears because the reality of our wedding being over was hitting. I hate endings. I don’t even like watching movies because I know eventually it will end, the end of trips ALWAYS makes me cry because I want it to keep going, the ending of a school year or even semester would leave me feeling so sad and I would cry every time I had to say goodbye to a professor. Endings are clearly not my jam. And this wedding “ending” wrecked me and then it hit me, this is not the end. . .it’s the biggest beginning I’ve ever had in my life. I still get sad thinking that our wedding is over, I am even crying writing this, but I am beyond stoked to have Brock by my side until I am old, grey and wobbly. Marriage is the coolest thing!

I hope that everyone gets to experience the love that Brock and I have for each other, but most of all I hope that everyone experiences an even GREATER LOVE from our savior Jesus Christ. Whether you’re married, engaged, dating, single or recently broken up, lean and push for Gods guidance because he is the ultimate demonstration of what love is. My love is only as much as I let God into my heart and I want my love to be HUGE.

Drum roll, pleassseeeeeee. . . OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!!! THE 10 MINUTES LITERALLY TAKE YOU TO THE WEDDING AND MAKE YOU FEEL EVERYTHING FROM THAT DAY. Okay, I’ll stop yelling but seriously this video made Brock and I ball our little baby eyes out the first 3x we watched it. We wanted it to show our love, family, friends and most importantly Carley. The poem read over the video is Carleys poem, Love Is, it was read during our ceremony by her best friends who are now my friends, thank you Kes & Kayla we love you!

Bree and Brock’s Wedding // La Jolla, San Diego from The Quail & The Dove on Vimeo.

For Carley.

Cheers to our legacy of Love as Mr. and Mrs. Eissman. (It’s still so weird saying that)

Now I just need to change my license name. . .maybe in 6 months.

The need to know, the vendors, the true men and women of the day. I am forever grateful for each and every single person who helped make our wedding so special. . .

Here’s the all star list that YOU NEED:

Photographer: You already know how much I love my Logan. We have been shooting together for years now and there was no one on the planet I wanted shooting my special day other than my very talented and kind friend, Logan! He understands what a bride and groom need on the day of and is not afraid to step in and make things happen. . .like when our 20+ family members wouldn’t step in to the dang picture and pose haha  @logancolephoto

Bride: @breerandall

Groom: @brockeissman

Video: There are no words to describe my appreciation for this amazing power couple. They are overflowing with kindness and brought so much peace to the day. I had a very specific vision for our video and wanted to incorporate a lot of different things, like the grandmas talking, and they executed it better than I could have ever imagined! They will be filming all of my big life moments for ever and always!  @thequailandthedove

Planning: Laura was my coordinator turned friend. She is the sweetest little ball of energy and so thoughtful. I loved working with her and executing our Hola, Aloha theme. I couldn’t imagine my wedding being remotely close to what it was without her. I had a part time coordinator because I was so busy with work and it helped me so much stay calm throughout the entire wedding planning process.  @fawnevents

Floral: Rachel. Love this girl. She is sweet and makes sure to understand the exact vision the couple want. I really wanted to make sure that our wedding felt like sunshine all around the guests and she went above and beyond. She hand painted palms, created the arch of my dreams, the aisle run of my dreams and most of all did it while smiling. I have used her for a work event and am so happy to say I have a go to florist for the rest of my days.  @joyofbloomflorals

Signage: Our signage (taco signs, acrylic poems etc.) were made by double dipped and they executed everything perfectly and on time! @doubledippedcalligraphy

Invitation: I loved the way our foiled tropical invitations came out! I love minted because they even send a preview card before ordering the 200+ invites! They were so easy to work with, user friendly, affordable and high quality!  @minted 

Catering + Bar: Wow, I love this team. I had some pretty annoying ideas that most caterers would be like, “umm no” but they executed everything from the cocktails to the perfect salsa 3 tiered station.  @personaltouchdining

Cake + Sweets: Brock and I were stoked to have all of the mini desserts everywhere! Nama (Brocks grandma) baked 200 of her famous cookies to pair with our mini deserts and mini cake. It was perfect!  @sweetcheeksbakingco

Rentals: It took a really long time to get all of the tables and chairs that we needed because apparently weddings for 200 people are rare and impossible to find enough tables. I was stoked that Adore had all the things I needed. @adorefolklore

Napkins: Loved these. Tied in the table perfectly. @modmixstudio

Dance Floor: We originally said no to a dance floor but I am so thankful we added it at the last minute. My mom was right, it made the biggest difference! @eventsbyblissllc

DJ + Lighting: I cannot say enough good things about our DJ, Malcolm was the best wedding dj / dj in general I have ever seen. We also went to high school together so that was awesome! He is an amazing MC without making it about him, I’ve seen so many DJ’s try to take over the wedding in a negative way. @Malcolmmalexndr  @voxdjs 

Poetry: If you read the above cocktail section, you already know how I feel about these poets. They are incredible and brought so much romance to our wedding and a creative corner that honored our love and Carley. I can’t rave about them more. Every party needs a haiku table! @thehaikuguys

Photo Booth: Easy to work with and executed a really cool “Life is Bitchin'” backdrop for us.  @momentobooth

Makeup: Umm, Amy made my wedding morning. Period. The End. Amy is so humble and it was a honor to have her do my make up. There are few people I am comfortable doing my make up and she has been doing mine since I was 18!!! I love this woman! She is kind, gave me a face massage before applying the make up and danced along to Spice Girls. She is the definition of elegance meets creative.  @theamyclarke

Hair: Hailey is my hair guru and got my color perfect for my wedding, I love her so much! But if follow me on insta, you already know that! It took a village the morning of and I am so grateful to our amazing hair team for making me and everyone feel soo good and giving us an effortless classic beachy look. I loved our team!  @extrastitchextensions @gmcoiffure @hairbyjanelleharris @unbeweaveable10

Dress: 7 months before the wedding I figured I was going to wear a pant suit or just buy a white plain dress because I was having the WORST dress experience. I had been to so many bridal boutiques and none of them made me feel good or had the designer that I knew I wanted to wear. I was giving up. Even the most popular and trendy boutiques on instagram were horrible in person, their customer service was appalling. I had one last appointment before throwing in the towel and it was with Megan at The Dress Theory SD. The second I walked in to joyful and excited stylists wanting to make sure I found a dress that spoke to me, I knew I was going home with a “I found my dress” picture. These ladies over at The Dress Theory are so kind and intentional! They had me try on my dress and I couldn’t stop smiling, it was the most “me” I had ever felt in a piece of clothing. This dress was everything I’ve ever wanted. It also has little metal balls all over it and I grew up the daughter of an iron worker so it made it even more special to me. I named the dress, balls to the wall, because it was so edgy and different. Thankful for my experience!  @ruedeseinebridal via @thedresstheorysandiego

Robes: Loved our personalized robes! They were cute and great quality! @modparty

Shoes: Comfortable and chic. Just what I needed. And they matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. @sam_edelman

Bridesmaids: I had a very specific vision in mind for the dresses and needed them to be a specific marigold yellow. I loved these dresses so much! They were also budget friendly and can be worn again. I didn’t want my bridesmaids looking like they were wearing potato sacks! I love my girls so much and I wanted them to look HOT!  @bloomingdales

Menswear: If you take away anything, please do yourself a favor and order the groomsmen tuxedos from here! Brocks Tux was custom made at Garys but we had a more affordable tux for the groomsmen and the whole process was amazing. You just ship it back in the box with the prepaid postage. The guys spent under $150 for everything and they looked amazing.  @theblacktux

Venue: @darlington_house

Ring: You already know how much I love the Marrow babes. Jillian is seriously my spirit animal if I was a jeweler. She is chic and funky and made the rings of my dreams. My rings are a mix of new diamonds and heirlooms and she executed it beautifully. I love looking down at my hands every day and smiling because they are perfect and remind me of the amazing women in my family that I get to wear pieces of their history!  @marrowfine_

Second Look: THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! The 5 year old Bree was very happy. That was the jumpsuit I had dreamed about for my wedding day my entire life. To look like rainbow fish. Mission accomplished. Brock loved it even more than I did. @thisisrosabloom

Skin: We all know my skin issues. A Nightmare! The fact that I loved my skin the day of is a miracle. Kim, my facialist and family friend, is a huge part of my clear and glowing skin. She has the most amazing “bridal glow” facial that she does for brides and it made a huge difference! She’s in Newport and the best person to hang out and get some face tlc from! @kimberlygazsiskincare

Thank you mom & dad for giving me the most amazing day of my life! Thank you Lori and Carl, my new in-laws for helping so much with everything for the wedding and giving me the most amazing gift, a perfect husband!



A special thanks to our incredible bridal party. Each and every person in our party is such a special human to us individually and as a couple. Having our bridesmaids and groomsmen stand up there with us was incredible and I am so thankful for all of them! Get friends who force you to grow, prosper and challenge you in a positive way. We love our friends!!!!



  1. Randall
    March 6, 2019 / 8:30 am

    Amazing and Blessed Day ! Love you Bree and Brock !!

  2. Jeannene Jones
    March 20, 2019 / 11:11 am

    I loved seeing your wedding! My fiance and I are also getting married at The Darlington House and are hoping for the same similar wedding weekend vibe. Would you be able to share which airbnbs you rented?! We’d love to find one that close to the beach for our day after wedding bbq and hang out. Thanks!!

    • twolittlebirdswanderwest
      March 20, 2019 / 1:53 pm

      Hi Jeannene! Thank you so much for your sweet words! We rented the houses from Sea Breeze Rentals #402 – Paradise by the Sea. They are pretty friendly and easy to work with. I just recommend going easy on the electricity because we had a lot of electrical issues. Have so much fun planning!! xx Bree

  3. Kade
    April 6, 2019 / 3:33 pm

    Okay this is a dream wedding!!! Love your vibe and style. You seriously killed it with every detail and it looks like you guys had the party of a lifetime! I have a wedding on the books at Darlington House for next year.. How tricky was getting all of your vendors since this place is an a la cart nothing included (but so worth it ) kind of place. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Any advice? Also would love to know how you decided to have your ceremony in the reception area vs. the Egyptian patio. Would love to hear your thoughts. You are inspiration to follow your personality and make your wedding your own! Love it. Thanks Bree

    • twolittlebirdswanderwest
      March 25, 2021 / 12:11 am

      Thank you so much!! You are the sweetest! It was the best day ever and I’m so happy to re-live it here on the blog lol

  4. Taylor Ricketts
    April 9, 2021 / 12:48 pm

    Hi Bree, Any chance you could share the info on the beach houses you rented out?
    Thanks so much !

  5. May 11, 2021 / 11:21 am

    Wow, this was absolutely incredible. What a FUNNN rabit hole to go down. 🙂 I had so much fun for the past thirty minutes going through each one of your photos, reading your words, admiring all the details, and watching your wedding video. Bree, I am so touched by your genuine spirit and heart. Your vows brought tears to my eyes and the video was an extraordinary representation of your extraordinary day + love. So thankful I stumbled across Two Little Birds Wander West. I know it wasn’t by accident! Praise The Lord!!!

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