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Excusez moi whilst I shake off the cobwebs of writing a blog post.

** shake shake shake **

Okay, mucho better.

Also I just used three different languages in 3 lines. I’m cultured, what can I say.

Hello to whoever is reading this! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be back here, on our humble a-blog, writing my feelings to the interweb.

SINGLE (no more)

Lots has changed since I was last here, one being . . . I’M FREAKING ENGAGED!

If you have been following Two Little Birds from the beginning you will know that I (Makenzie) sometimes came to the desperado point of never thinking I would have a boyfriend, let alone be engaged. My life did a 180 less than a year ago. This time last year I was still single. THAT’S WILD.

But I, along with this wonderful man that I get to call my forever-mate on this earth, are true testaments to the faithfulness that only comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Can I get an amen?!


You may be wondering, how we met . . . Instagram.

Yes- I Makenzie Rae met my forever-to-be on a social platform.

We weren’t friends, we had zero mutual friends, all we had was the good Lord on our side. LOL. But seriously.

Long story short, or how I like to say, long story long, I had gone on one of my Bible rants on my Instagram Story, and I happened to tag two pastors from a particular podcast I had listened to. Side note: the podcast is called “Just Thinking” and I highly recommend it for some Biblical hard-hitting truth.

One of the pastors (Virgil Walker) reposted the slides I tagged him in. Austin was one of Virgil’s followers and had seen the re-post. He was intrigued at what I had to say and headed over to my page. After watching the entire story Austin decided to DM me.

I received many encouraging and uplifting DM’s on that story post alone, so when he came through I really didn’t think anything of it. I responded with a generic response of “Amen ** pray hands emoji **”. Profound I know.

He then proceeded to “use a line” that a guy had never once used on me. Mainly because it wasn’t a line, but it was honesty. He said, “Random side note, but your desire to seek truth and love for the Gospel is well, quite attractive. And you’re really pretty too.”

Raise your hand if a man has ever “hit on you” by complimenting the way you seek Jesus? . . .

Not even a year ago to this date could I have raised my hand, but he said it, and it threw me for a loop.

It threw me for a bigger loop when he then proceeded to ask me out.

That loop lasted about 3 days because I left him on read for that amount of time.


Ha. Kidding. I’m the farthest thing from a savage, and I have no chill. I legit took those 3 days to pray about this guy that I knew nothing about, and bring it to the feet of Jesus.

Wrapping it up here, we FaceTime dated for about a week, we went on one date, and then didn’t see one another again for a little over a month. Scheduling was not on our side, but again- the good Lord was.

We were official after not even a month of in-person dating, and I knew I wanted to marry him after 2 months of being with him. Instead of telling him I loved him, I told him “I want to marry you”. Again, subtlety is not my strong suit.

Some people thought we were nuts, and some people fell under the category of “well when you know, you know”. Happy to report we were not nuts, and are now engaged to be married!

I remember telling people that I’m done with dating, or “trying”. People would come back with, “you think he’s just going to knock on your door one day and appear?”, in which I replied, “yes I do, and God is going to make it happen”.

He didn’t knock on my door, but he DID slide into my DMs, and God had every little thing to do with it. Oh, and Virgil Walker- remind me to DM him and tell him he was one of the reasons I met my hus.


So here we are. 7 months later, and engaged. 

How was it planned, and did I have any idea?

Well you see, I’ve learned something about myself through this. 


And the below photo taken right before Austin proposed proves it.

We were already planning to relaunch Two Little Birds, but then Bree thought it would be a good idea to have a mini-photoshoot with the men in our lives to include them in the ‘About Us’ page here on the blog. Made sense to me.

Her and Austin narrowed down dates for this “photoshoot” beforehand, but when she presented me with two dates, Austin could only do one. Made sense to me.

We both needed to get our nails done for the photoshoot, so Bree and I went to get our nails done. Made sense to me.

We needed dresses for the photoshoot (because nothing in our closet is ever good enough) and I love wearing white. When Bree started pulling white dresses for me here and there, you already know what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyway. Made sense to me.

It however did NOT make sense to me when Austin and I started taking photos together and he got really serious and started going into a speech of how much he loves me. I then proceeded to scream in the middle of his speech, “NO!”. (reference photos below) Not just once, but twice. Why am I like this? ** palm to face **

I just couldn’t believe it was happening right then and there!! I may or may not have complained earlier THAT day about how we were still not engaged. Ew I know, I turned into THAT girl. So disappointed in myself, but it happened and no takesy-backsies. After I said yes (duh), Brock (Bree’s hus) was standing behind us and said, “look everyone is here”, and proceeded to show me the phone with every person that was out of state, or out of the country. My older sister, my best friends, my brother and his fiancé. They were all there, and watched the whole proposal! How they kept quiet I have absolutely no idea. It was so special, and I started crying all over again. The whole photoshoot, the entire thing was for Austin and me- and I legit had absolutely no idea. He even had to say “baby” three different times in a serious manner to even get me to understand what was going on. I kept thinking he was getting in the mood of taking photos, and continued to laugh every time he said it. Poor bloke.

This is how much faith I have in Bree and Arika (our photog). They then told me that the stormy sky behind us was way cooler than the freaking magic painted across the sky, so they wanted us to walk towards the storm. Made sense to me.

She had a specific spot she wanted us to shoot at (like most photographers do), and when we arrived she then said for us to walk up the hill of sand, face the palm trees, and she will take some photos of just our backs. Made sense to me.

As we walked up the hill I saw this beautiful picnic set up in the distance (holla to the ladies at However, there were literally two other setups on L Street (where we got engaged), so I took a quick glance and said, “wow, another one!”. Just call me Makenzie Oblivious Jandro. Austin then clarified that it was for us, and as I squinted my eyes to look closer, I saw every person we love that could physically be there walking towards me with massive smiles on their faces. I think at that moment, my heart actually exploded with joy because I took off running and left Austin in the dust. Thankfully he knows who he is marrying. The rest of the night was filled with three of my favorite things- pizza, biodynamic wine, and laughter. So much laughter.

I never once imagined how I wanted to be engaged. Most girls have a layout, a Pinterest board, and know exactly what they want. It took me forever just to figure out what kind of ring I even liked! But this man knows my heart, and he had a sidekick to help him execute it all (Bree). I’ve already said thank you a million times, but I want my gratitude to live here as well.

Thank you Bree for you heart. Thank you for being my best friend, my bird, my sister in Christ and knowing who I am to the fullest.

Thank you Arika for not only being there, but sharing this special moment with us forever. Every time I get to look at these photos I get to remember that YOU are the one who shot them, and that is such a gift to me.

Thank you Sagebrush Co. for your gorgeous setup, and for making my engagement even MORE aesthetically pleasing. You ladies killed it.

Thank you to our friends and family (even the family that could not attend) for not only physically being there but pouring into our relationship spiritually and emotionally.

Lastly, and most importantly, thank you Austin for choosing me. Thank you for loving me the way Christ loves the church, and helping me grow in my faith. Thank you for always pointing me to Jesus, and loving me well. I love you, and only you endlessly.


This is the first God-glorifying relationship I have been a part of, and gosh guys it is so fulfilling. Not because Austin “completes me”, but because Jesus completes me and He completes Austin, and we both look to praise and glorify Him within our relationship.  Don’t ever be afraid to share Jesus on your social platform. Mainly, and most importantly because we shouldn’t be afraid to share the good news of the saving grace given to us freely from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but you also never know who He may bring along while working for His Kingdom, to change your life forever


dress- Love Shack Fancy

engagement ring- custom design by Austin Tudor + Marrow Fine

Austin’s sweater- Katin USA

Austin’s jeans- Levi’s thrifted from Lander’s in Costa Mesa, CA

Austin’s ring- thrifted from Lander’s in Costa Mesa, CA

picnic setup- Sagebrush Co. (

photography by: the one and only, the loveliest, and talented @arikajean

xx makenzie rae

photos by Arika Jean

write up by makenzie


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