the birds are back

Let’s go back to the spring of 2014 –

Kenzie and I were working at a clothing line together in Downtown Los Angeles, CA where we did all of the marketing, PR, and photoshoot styling + casting for a junior clothing line. We were freshly in our 20’s and working on pretty big campaigns with a lot of up-and-coming brands, stars, influencers, and photographers. It was so much fun but also SO much work! We had known each other for years prior to our LA fashion gig; growing up in the same town on rival dance teams at rival high schools meant we weren’t close friends but we knew of each other and we both had so many friends in common. 

Working together is what ultimately brought our friendship to fruition. 

We decided to grab a salmon burrito from Bear Flag after work one weekend and sit on the beach…it was that day during the early spring that we decided to launch a blog that would feature our interests for young girls like ourselves to connect with. Our focus was making fashion, health, and fitness fun with our own spin on it. Those were all the things that made us, us. 

This blog was our whole heart written out into blog posts. Heartbreak, career changes, questionable styling, tears, the stress of college, acne…you name it…we wrote about it.

After a few years and so many fun experiences later, life got busy. I got married and was launching a clothing line of my own and Kenzie was transitioning into her fitness career while starting to explore being a social media manager for Candace. Before we knew it, it had been nearly 2 years since our last blog post. 

So after our two-year unplanned hiatus,


That may seem cheesy but it’s so true. These past couple of years have been filled with so much growth and discovery in our faith as well as ourselves. God worked on our hearts and coincidentally, as God had it, we both found our TRUE walk with Christ. 

But wait, you might be thinking….I thought you were both Christians the whole time? The short answer is yes, we have always been Christians, but we had been living our lives for ourselves and not actually for God through his living word, aka the gospel. Every single day we are learning and growing as we read and pray. It was because of this life change that we both went through, separately, that I felt it on my heart to re-launch the blog. I had been feeling the pull for about a year and after lots of discussion and prayer, we finally decided to dust this baby off (literally, I couldn’t even remember our blog log in) and re-launch. What good are we to our family, friends, readers and cherished followers if we aren’t spreading truth and light to everyone we possibly can for his glory?  

Maybe you’re not into this whole God thing and the church is not appealing to you. I get it, I have so many friends from all backgrounds and faiths, I love them just the same. I definitely wasn’t living my daily life as a Chrisitan in the past but that’s the beauty of God…he forgives all who repent. This isn’t a place for only Christian readers…this is a platform where we talk about the good, bad, and ugly and how we navigate through it the only way we know how…with Christ. I just want you to know that you are SO loved and SO welcome here with us and I encourage you to stick around even if you may be rolling your eyes right now. We are the exact opposite of perfect and we’re learning as we go every day. 

Sooo what can you expect from us with our re-launch?

Well for starters…a whole lotta fresh raw content, the same old juicy blog articles about our lives written by the birds you know and trust **cough cough me & Kenzie**, dating/engaged/married write-ups (ya know, because we’ve really grown up since the whole “we’re single and hate boys but also desperately want boyfriends phase”), fashion that is either sustainable/vintage/thrifted or local to us via a small business, fitness tips and tricks, and of course a whole lot of health hacks that we have personally picked up along the way. You can expect a lot of raw honesty from us that may not always be politically correct according to the world’s standards but is in line with what God has given us in scripture…to put it frankly, we ain’t holding back. We are staying true to our roots because we believe God placed those interests on our hearts and gave them to us as gifts to glorify him. We are also going to speak out a lot more about God and our walk with him. We are just two Southern California girls who finally woke up at the end of our 20’s and realized…spoiler alert…it’s not about us. It’s about HIM. It’s about our savior Jesus Christ. We would be doing this platform and our sweet readers who we have come to know and love by name an absolute disservice if we didn’t talk about his victory over our lives. We also have some fun plans for the future of two little birds that may or may not include other types of platforms/content… announcements to follow in the coming weeks. But let’s just say, we’ve heard the requests and we’re working on it!

So here’s to flying together! Let’s go birdies! The re-launch is here!

We’ll do our absolute best to give you fresh new content weekly to read. This space is so special to us, it’s basically our public diary and we’re stoked to have you here. 

you know the drill, keep scrolling for our outfit deets. . .

our looks –


top – white linen from reformation (sustainable) **exact top sold out but other options avail!

jeans – everlane way high distressed (sustainable) **true to size, fits a little snug but stretches to perfect fit by the 2nd/3rd wear. 

hat – thrifted vintage from salvation army in costa mesa

bag – the jolie market  (local and fair trade small business) 

shoes – Nordstrom spring 2020


top – top shop

dress – thrifted vintage from goodwill

hat – thrifted vintage from salvation army in costa mesa

shoes – zara 2019 

book – psalms book from Alabaster Co **amazing for gifts as coffee table books! 

photos by our amazingly talented friend Beba! 

Here’s to a fresh restart! 

xx bree eissman



photos by Beba! 

write up by bree



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