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When our friend Maya asked us to be guests on her podcast “The Grace Room” we didn’t even have to think about our answer. Before we even blinked we were scheduling and penciling in the date to get this done. Maya has created this space to step out in boldness, share the gospel, and glorify our Creator in the ways He moves in our lives. In this talk, we dive into our stories of salvation and share the transformation that only Jesus can bring.


The Grace Room Podcast



“People are expecting God to reach out and speak to them. He is going to speak to you through His Word but it doesn’t mean that the Bible is about you.”

“Your identity needs to be in Christ. When you let go of that pride your life radically changes.”

“Remember that this life is so temporary. We put so much emphasis on it, and it feels so long to us, but really it’s the blink of an eye to God. When you look at your life as being ‘this is temporary’ and you have that kingdom mindset, you can wake up everyday and remind yourself that this is not your home – your home is in heaven.”

“The most important relationship in your life is the one with Jesus – it’s not your kids, it’s not your husband, it’s not your wife – it is Jesus, because He’s the only foundation that will never crumble.”


photography by : Beba Vowels- @bebavowels

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