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Two free spirited birdie bloggers from c a l i f o r n i a.

We’re always seeking adventure while living a healthy + fashionable life style.

two little birds wander west bree randall

Bree // Singer + model + actress + tea drinker + gypsy + mermaid + dream chaser born and raised in California. When I’m not sippin’ on a chai tea latte while driving around what feels like the entire earth like a crazy person from school, work and auditions you can find me laying out on the beach, obsessing over the latest free people collection, cooking with my family (who are my everything) or indulging in peanut butter ice cream while watching Law and Order SVU. I giggle at everything. I obsess over my moms vintage pieces (I’m a wild hippie mermaid just like her). I want to travel the world, fall in love, be wise, be calm, be peaceful + make all my wild dreams come true.


Makenzie // Old soul dreamer with childlike faith + singer + dancer + actress. Clumsy to the m a x & I’m a lot of wild! I have been dancing since I could walk, and singing & acting since I could talk. My second language is movies, and I pinky promise you I know almost every line to almost every movie, emphasis on almost. I obsess over the littlest things in zee world (boy bands, surfers, becoming a surfer…) things that shouldn’t be obsessed over, but it’s what makes my world go round, along with JESUS. 99.9% of my daze consist of wishing I was an Olsen Twin & I still can’t quite figure out why I’m not. My family is my everything & I compare my tight-knit group of girlfriends to Sex & The City constantly. But at the end of the day I just wanna go on adventures, give to others, giggle tons, grow + fall in love along the way…cause that’s just how I roll.


Stay Golden

xx Bree + Makenzie

two little birds // wander west